Davis Sonic Anemometer

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  • Wind speed range: 0 to 89 mph, 0 to 78 knots, 0 to 40 m/s, 0 to 144 km/h
  • Wind direction: 16 compass points
  • Provide 12m cable (can be extended to 76m)
  • Davis 6415 Sound Velocity Anemometer with 12m cable
  • 2 U-bolt mounting brackets and nuts
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Davis Sonic Anemometer Product Description

Sonic Anemometer

Measure wind with no moving parts. Use with a Sensor Transmitter or an EnviroMonitor Node, or as a replacement anemometer for wireless and cabled Vantage Pro2.

The Davis Sonic Anemometer has no moving parts – it measures wind speed and direction with electro-acoustic transducers that send sonic pulses back and forth. The time it takes for the pulses to travel from one transducer to the other is affected by the movement of air. Speed and direction can then be calculated, with calibration for air temperature. The Sonic Anemometer has its own solar panel that charges an internal battery. It can be used with an EnviroMonitor Node, or as a replacement anemometer for your Davis weather station. It can also be installed in a Sensor Transmitter to create additional wind stations when reporting to WeatherLink Live.

Solar-powered with battery backup. Includes mounting hardware, battery, aligning tool, and 40 ft (12 m) cable.

Works with Sensor Transmitter (#6332 or 6331) or EnviroMonitor Node (#6810). (When using with an EnviroMonitor Node, use an RJ Connector Node Adapter.)

The sonic anemometer is designed to measure wind-related conditions without moving parts. The pair of electroacoustic transducers in the anemometer send sound pulses back and forth and measure the time it takes for the pulses to travel from one to the other. This time is affected by air movement, which allows the anemometer to calculate wind speed and direction and calibrate it through temperature measurement. The sonic anemometer has its own solar panel, so no external power source is required. It can be used with the EnviroMonitor node to add wind data to the EnviroMonitor system, or alternative anemometers can be added to the Davis weather station. It is installed in the sensor transmitter and when reporting to WeatherLink Live, it can be used to include other wind power plants in the existing system.

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Davis Sonic Anemometer

$499.19 $550.00 ( / )