VW Ser. 1000# 5/16 HT or 3B chain, 12V

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  • Vertical drum with lower deck motor
  • Maximum capacity
  • For 5/16" HT or 3B chain
  • Pull the rope at 59'/min
  • 1000 watt motor
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VW Ser. 1000# 5/16 HT or 3B chain, 12V Product Description

VW Series Windlass w/ capstan, MFG# VW100012V105, Vertical drum with below-deck motor, 1000 lb. max capacity, for 5/16" HT or 3B chain, pulls rope @ 59'/min, 12 VDC, 1000 Watt motor. Includes footswitch and emergency handle. For decks up to 4" thick.

VW vertical winch and winch, with under-deck motor VW series anchor winch is designed for traditional rope and chain combined anchor rods, traditional rope and chain combined anchor rods need to be manually transferred from the rope shaping drum To the sprocket. Features: Provides the versatility of operating two anchors from one winch. Use independent MAX-grip-no-swarping drums to pull functional ropes from any direction and separate sprockets to achieve active control of all ropes. Allows the use of traditional shackles and thimble rope and chain connection. It is allowed to be installed horizontally on the front and rear bulkheads inside the chain locker for installation below the deck. High-quality finishes for components above the deck. There is heavy chromium on marine grade alloy bronze. The conical brake/clutch mechanism allows manual free fall anchoring. Cone clutches are different from claw clutches in that they provide smooth and progressive engagement and ensure safe operator control. Sprocket locking pawl. The installation process is simplified through the modular design of the deck installation, and the gearbox is precisely aligned with the top-level project using marine-grade stainless steel bolts. 500, 1000 and 1500 models of anodized aluminum gearboxes and gaskets. The marine-grade alloy gearbox housing is coated with a two-layer coating system on both the 2200 and 3500 models. Heavy-duty two-way motor, designed for marine winches. Easy to disassemble and repair. Specifications: The installation type is vertical, 12 VDC lower than the input voltage of the deck motor, the power is 1000 watts, and the lifting capacity is 1000 pounds. Speed ​​rating 59'/min (rope) rope and chain size 5/16"" (HT or 3B chain) Other features include foot switch and emergency handle. Optional two-way kit, chain counter above deck size: 7.75""; below deck: 9.9""; motor offset: 10.7""; weight: 50 pounds.

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VW Ser. 1000# 5/16 HT or 3B chain, 12V Technical Specifications


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VW Ser. 1000# 5/16 HT or 3B chain, 12V User Reviews

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VW Ser. 1000# 5/16 HT or 3B chain, 12V

$1,789.99 $3,142.88 ( / )