Forerunner 645 Music, Black, REFURB

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  • Black strap and chrome bezel
  • Features Garmin Pay
  • Wrist heart rate monitor
  • Smartphone connection
  • And 500 songs storage/control
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Forerunner 645 Music, Black, REFURB Product Description

Forerunner 645 Music GPS running watch, MFG# 010-N1863-20, with black band and chrome bezel . Features Garmin Pay, wrist-based heart rate monitor, smartphone connectivity, and 500 song memory/control. Uses Bluetooth headphones. REFURBISHED.

,,. Use Bluetooth headsets. Moreover, Forerunner 645 Music can help you perform outstanding performances every time you tie your shoes. With non-contact payment function, you can buy what you need anytime, anywhere, plus advanced running dynamics and performance monitoring tools, this GPS running watch is the tool you need to improve performance. You can easily transfer music from your computer, and then queue your favorite playlists for easy listening through Bluetooth headsets. You can even sync carefully selected playlists from selected music streaming services to your watch for ad-free listening. Now, when you go for a run, you can really leave your phone behind, because the music that can help you keep moving is on your wrist. -Never stop? Throw away your phone and wallet anytime, anywhere. Forerunner 645 has the Garmin Pay contactless payment solution, which allows you to buy goods with your watch. You can use it anywhere you can click on your card to pay. Drink a bottle of water here, eat something there-pay, and move on. Let Forerunner 645 Music measure key operating indicators that can be used to analyze performance. Biomechanical measurements such as cadence, stride length, ground contact time and balance, vertical vibration and vertical ratio are the keys to understanding your form, so you can make the most of it on the day of the race. These indicators can be obtained by adding a compatible heart rate watch strap or a compact Running Dynamics Pod (which can be clipped to your belt). Similarly, use the feature set to help cycling or even swimming training. In the pool, Forerunner 645 will track your distance, speed, number of strokes, etc. -How effective is your current training plan? Forerunner 645 Music will help you monitor your training and recovery to better prepare for the game or training cycle. Training status is a performance monitoring tool that can automatically evaluate your recent exercise history and performance indicators to let you know whether you are doing fruitful training, reaching the top or surpassing the limit. The anaerobic training effect index opens a window of insight into the key dimensions of training, telling you how training can improve your ability to break through the limit. You can even view the overall training load, which can measure the amount of exercise in the last 7 days and compare it with the best range for your fitness and recent training history. It's easy-even better-it's free. New apps are added every day, so you can always know when Uber arrives, use the Smart-Things app to turn on the lights at home, and even use the Accu-Weather Minute-Cast app to find out when the rain starts. Using the face application of the Face It watch, select any image from the photo library, make some adjustments, and then set it as the face of the watch. -Forerunner 645 Music allows you to run easily without leaving important smart features. After pairing with a compatible smartphone, you can receive and even reply to text messages on your wrist, and check social media updates, emails, etc. Find your phone, access music controls, and let friends live stream-track your running. -Syncing events with Garmin Connect is not only for storing data. Garmin Connect is a thriving online community. People on the journey can connect and compete with each other by joining challenges, encourage each other's success, and even share their success through social media. Garmin Connect is free and can be used on the web or on smartphones through the Garmin Connect Mobile app. -Your routine is not a routine. Forerunner 645 with built-in running, indoor (outdoor) activities, cycling (indoor/outdoor), swimming (pool), elliptical exercise, paddling exercise, strength training and other activities built-in activity profile, you can easily change. Create your own custom workout and download it for free from our Garmin Connect online fitness community. Then check the work you have done on the app in the past, or share it with family and friends to increase motivation. -Forerunner 645, designed for runners, has a reliable five-button interface

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Forerunner 645 Music, Black, REFURB

$204.59 $239.99 ( / )