Intellian i4 All-Americas TV Antenna System & SWM-30 Kit

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The Intellian i4 is the ultimate TV antenna system for North America. It features a powerful, 360° rotating directional antenna with high-gain reception for all of your favorite channels. The SWM-30 amplifier provides up to 120dB of
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Intellian i4 All-Americas TV Antenna System & SWM-30 Kit Product Description

i4 All-Americas TV Antenna System & SWM-30 Kit

i4 All-Americas TV Antenna System

With its rugged, reliable, and durable design, the Intellian i4 provides the most outstanding performance to stay locked in. It connects boaters to the premium satellite TV entertainment they want while vessels are cruising at high speed or in rough sea conditions. The i4's stylish and polished dome design makes it perfect for boats over 50 feet.

With innovations in Wide Range Search (WRS) and Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) technologies, the i4 can achieve the most precise tracking performance and highest signal reception without the need for a fragile or superfluous motion sensor. An embedded GPS system can speed up satellite search and acquisition time.

The revolutionary design feature of the i4 is that it has intelligent built-in HD and TriSat modules in its control unit. This offers boaters High Definition satellite TV broadcasts from leading satellite TV service providers without any extra conversion tools and cable wiring. Using Dish Network or Bell TV in Canada, the standard i4 enables HD channel viewing, with DirecTV SD programming is available. For DirecTV HD consider the Intellian s6HD. Combined with the new built-in WiFi enables simple one-touch upgrades using the Aptus App.

With the Intellian MIM Switch (M2-TD02) sold separately, boaters can enjoy flipping channels through automatic satellite switching just like a home system. See the installation guide of DISH Network MIM for further details. For easy and flexible installation and operation, the i4 supports standard dual and quad IRD connections with its single cable design between the antenna and the antenna control unit (ACU). This simple and powerful system is manufactured in compliance with the most rigorous quality verification of ISO 9001:2001.


Fully Automated System

  • Automatic satellite search and identification function
  • 2-axis step motor for controlling the antenna pedestal

High-Quality Antenna

  • 45 cm diameter of parabola-type antenna for receiving Ku-Band (10.7 12.75GHz) satellite signal
  • LHCP/RHCP or Horizontal/Vertical polarization
  • Enabling powerful signal gain

Superior Dynamic Tracking

  • Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) by rotating sub-reflector with high-speed BLDC motor

Fastest Search Algorithm

  • Wide Range Search (WRS) algorithm
  • Statistical search algorithm

DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) Signal Identification

  • High-speed identification employing DVB decoder
  • QPSK demodulator lock for DSS signal

Built-in GPS System

  • Embedded GPS, which allows for the system to upload the GPS data automatically into the system

SWM-30 Kit

The latest and greatest external multi-switch from DIRECTV feeds up to 26 tuners in two banks of 13 for easy wiring. Supports 4K and the use of the international WorldDIRECT dish. Also included is a 29-volt power inserter that supports the SWM-8 or SWM-16 multi-switch remotely through a coax cable. It can operate from the power passing port of a splitter, or on the SWM-16, which can be run from the separate PWR port.


  • Supports two banks of 13 tuners (no MoCA/MRV crossover)
  • Replacement for SWM-8, SWM-16, and SWM-32 multi-switches
  • Compatible with previous generation Slimline dishes
  • Compatible with Genie and Genie 2
  • For use with WorldDIRECT dish, use WD-DIPLEXER-09 diplexer sold separately
  • For use with 4K installations, use SL5RB or SL3RBAH LNB (6 coax cables to the SWM)
  • Output level -25dBm
  • Powers any coax-powered device up to 13V, 500mA
  • Requires SWM-capable receivers (H21 or higher, D12, HR20 or higher, HS17)
  • Can be used for the SWM-8 and SWM-16
  • Outputs: 1 IRD & 1 SWM
  • SWM Port Output: 29V

Seaview AMA-18 Adapter f/KVH4 & SeaTel 1898
Scanstrut SC50 Satcom Base Mount, Adjustable Wedge
Seaview AMA-W 0-12 Degree Wedge f/Satellite Mounts
Scanstrut SC45R Satcom Mount
Scanstrut Satcom Pole System 6.4' f/ Raymarine STV45 Intellian I4
Edson Vision Mount 6" Aft Angled
Edson Vision Mount 12" Aft Angled
Edson Vision Mount 18" Aft Angled
Edson Vision Mount 24" Aft Angled
Edson Vision Mount 36" Aft Angled

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Intellian i4 All-Americas TV Antenna System & SWM-30 Kit

Who is the Intellian?
What is the input voltage range?
What is the dome weight (lbs) of the product?
What is antenna DISH diameter?
What is the service coverage of the product?

Who is the Intellian?

Intellian Technologies is the world's technological leader in manufacturing a wide range of mobile satellite communication systems. In partnering with the leading global marine electronics manufacturers, dealers and distributors around the world, Intellian has built a unique and dependable product. Intellian Technologies continues to maintain the highest level of standards and strive to introduct a variety of innovative satellite TV and communication antenna systems for all industries.

What is the input voltage range?

  • The best reception on the water.
  • Intellian's patented TV antenna system is the only one with a built-in SWM (Smart Wideband Mode) filter, which provides a better reception and eliminates interference for crystal clear picture.
  • IntelliTV is the only TV antenna system that can be installed as low as 12 feet above water level.
  • The i4 is a high-performance TV antenna at a great price.
  • A reliable and durable design that makes it perfect for boaters.
  • Connects boaters to the premium cable channels they love.
  • The i4 All-Americas TV Antenna System is the best choice for boats, RVs, and other outdoor applications.
  • This antenna system is specially designed to work in all regions of North America and Canada.
  • The antenna system comes with a SWM-30 kit that includes an amplifier and a low noise preamplifier.

What is the dome weight (lbs) of the product?

25.6 lbs

What is antenna DISH diameter?


What is the service coverage of the product?

DirecTV, Dish

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Intellian i4 All-Americas TV Antenna System & SWM-30 Kit Technical Specifications


Entertainment | Satellite TV Antennas




49.3 lb

Antenna Dish Diameter: 


Dome Weight (lbs): 

25.6 lbs

Service Coverage: 

DirecTV, Dish

Voltage - Input Range (Volts): 


Product Manual: 

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Product Brochure: 

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Intellian i4 All-Americas TV Antenna System & SWM-30 Kit User Reviews

Intellian i4 All-Americas TV Antenna System & SWM-30 Kit Shipping & Return

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49.3 lb

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Intellian i4 All-Americas TV Antenna System & SWM-30 Kit

$4,188.00 $5,235.00 ( / )