Waterproof gear bags and cases are the safest way to ensure your electronics and valuables stay dry and secure in any environment. With these items, you can stop worrying about your belongings and get back to enjoying nature in its truest form.

DryPak cell phone cases let you talk on the phone and take pictures without the stress of damaging your device. Now your cell phone will be safe at any beach, pool, or boating adventure!

If you’re looking to secure more or your items from the elements, waterproof duffels and gear bags are the way to go. Many duffels are only water resistant, leaving the welfare of your belongings up to chance, but these products take waterproof to a whole new level. All waterproof duffels are versatile and durable, so you know they’re ready for any boat, kayak, canoe, or car. Whatever grand escape is in your future, these waterproof bags will help you achieve the peace-of-mind you crave.

Some of these bags even double as coolers letting you keep your items safe and insulated!

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